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A monocular can be described as an optical gadget which uses lenses to magnify distant objects to enable people to have a clear view, with one eye. There are different sizes of monocular and they are determined by their purposes. Monocular is lighter in weight, and this makes them convenient to carry. Monocular vision can be described as vision, in which both eyes are used separately.

The biggest advantage of a monocular is its size. Even if binoculars are heavy, a monocular offers similar levels of magnification and clarity in a smaller manner. This makes using a monocular better when the space is not big or when weight is likely to be a problem. Although, there are other options for hikers, walkers and people who wish to carry their viewing gadgets.

Although, using a monocular means that, you can only view with one eye at a time, the view is usually clear and quicker to adjust. Moreover, a monocular is also suitable for those who have unequal eyesight. Using a monocular is less expensive than using binoculars because using a monocular normally involves using one eye at a time. Carrying a monocular is more convenient and this means you can always carry them in your hand or bag if you need to take a look at something. The monocular is dependable because you can always use it when need arises.

There are various things you should think through when choosing the size of monocular. Some monocular is the size of a pen while others are larger. But, the size of the monocular does not determine their magnification and clarity levels. Lenses, are what determine the levels of magnification and clarity in a monocular. It is advisable for buyers to know about the quality and strength of the lens before buying instead of only looking at their size. The main factors you should consider when buying a monocular are; strength, magnification, size of the lens, field of view and the eye relief.

The two major things that regulate the strength of a monocular is magnification and the size of the lens. You should be careful when selecting the level of magnification level you need on a monocular. Big monocular are normally more difficult to operate. Many people usually choose a monocular with 5times or 6times magnification as it delivers enough clarity and it’s simpler to adjust. People who are more experienced in using monocular or those who ready to use it with a tripod or other supporting structure can use higher levels of magnification.

It is advisable for one to buy a monocular, containing high-quality lenses. Earlier on, bigger lenses were considered to be of better quality, but today, most people like to buy lighter monocular, with smaller lenses, as long as the lenses are of high quality.

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