A 10-Point Plan for Prep (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How to Prepare for SAT and ACT Tests.

Having good scores is paramount for college acceptance. In order to have good ACT or SAT scores, one should get started with the preparations as early as possible. In order to pass ACT and SAT tests, every test taker should use the following tips. First and foremost, one should familiarize themselves with the details. This involves getting a better understanding of the test structure as well as the instructions or guidelines that come along with it. Knowing the type of questions that are often asked in these exams will help to save on a lot of time during the actual test day. Finding test instructions nowadays is very easy for any student to do. Conducting research online helps one gain access to guidelines that are provided on these exams.

It is vital for one to practice in order to be perfect. Taking practice tests online after sparing some time from one’s schedule comes in handy. A timer can really help one to get accustomed to the time limits the test offers. In doing so, one can pace themselves in order to get enough time to handle all the questions. Going through your answers once you are done with the test is important as well as reviewing the answers that one got wrong. During one’s sophomore and junior year, chances of taking a PSAT exam are usually very high. Using PSAT test results can help one estimate their target scores in a SAT exam and create a study schedule.

Before studying for the SAT exam, one can take a practice test online if at all the school doesn’t offer PSAT tests. There are books that provide full-length SAT tests from previous years that one can use to revise with. Those who can’t study alone should enroll for prep classes. Forming study groups or going for after-school programs would also help one out. In doing so, one is able to get guidance from an instructor especially in difficult areas.

Those who prefer personal attention can choose to get a personal tutor. By hiring a tutor, one is able to acquire one-on-one attention and focus on studying that helps them to pass the exam. This might however prove to be a bit expensive but worthy for those who can afford it. It is also important for one to make themselves familiar with all the relevant math formulas especially when sitting for ACT exams. This is because these tests don’t offer these formulas or concepts. Practice problems can help one with memorizing the formulas.

Besides practice tests, one should also consider increasing their vocabulary range. Reading books, articles or even comprehension passages can help one increase their vocabulary range.

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