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Pet Owners Guide in Choosing the Best Flea and Tick Medicine

With the tick and flea season just right up the corner, it’s a bustling time for pet owners and an even busier time for those who sell pet tick and flea medicines.

Coming in a variety of types and forms, tick and flea medicines are readily available in the market and pet owners are more likely having a tough time in searching for the best and the safest one for their pets.

To compare the different variations of tick and flea medications and in choosing the best among the ones that are on hand, it is vital that the pet owners have some basic knowledge about what active ingredients are present in these pet care products. As opposed to just grabbing a vial of tick and flea medicine from the back shelf in pet stores and supermarket or just simply going for the cheapest one you can find off the counter, it’s good to actually learn to read the labels found on the back of the bottle.

For example

Are you aware of the active ingrediens regularly used in a variety of tick and flea products?

Are they toxic or are they safe for use and whether it is natural or from synthetic chemicals?

Is it suitable to use on puppies or on kittens?

Will repeated use of the product cause any harm?

How much time will the product stay active?

Will it kill off only matured fleas or is it going to work with the flea’s other stages of life as well?
There are certain active ingredients have the tendency of being too strong to be used on cats or even puppies and there are even some that are highly adept at killing fleas but fall short on ticks. Just because these products are being sold on stores and pet shops and thinking that they are all the same just may be the cause of the death of your pet.

The labels on the back of the bottle of the tick and flea medications serve a purpose, due to the neglect of pet owners many cats and dogs have been killed due to the side effects of tick and flea control treatments that easily would have been gone around if only the pet owners took their time to stop and read the labels.

It is greatly vital to equip one’s self with basic knowledge and the effects or hazards of the active ingredients found in a bottle of tick and flea medicine and is a responsibility that should never be taken carelessly or neglected. Many people simply believe that since the product is on on the shelf and sold on stores then it surely must be reliable and extremely safe, this is never always true however.

How I Became An Expert on Pets

How I Became An Expert on Pets