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One can define a senior as an apartment whereby people from different areas come to live in and are taken care of and at the end, they end up living as a community. The senior houses makes sure that all the members are comfortable with everything and the life they are living is secured with dignity too. Senior housing takes care of the needs of the individuals, as they also check on the requirements needed by them. When the building of the houses is being done, they ensure that all of them are at one level and one does not need to climb. The houses are also made in such a way that they cannot be broken and also favor the ones who use wheelchairs since there is free movement.

They also make the beds in a manner which will be easier for anyone to get in and out of them as well as tailoring the floor. Rehabilitation is always available for the ones who are in need of them. Senior houses also help in building the self-esteem of an individual since they always have time to interact. The senior housing does not limit anyone from being active as they need to be. One has the freedom to meet up with their members after dinner since there is a room already set aside for that and also ensure that there are shopping centers where one can shop for anything they want. With this, the individuals can at least practice physical activities by only walking. The seniors are also entertained since they organize events such as recreational, social and cultural ones.

Open spaces and gardens are always set aside for any group that might be willing to meet after having their meals. Since the senior housing is always divided in different categories, they always ensure that they offer their facilities according to the needs of an individual. If individuals need assisted living, the senior housing ensures that they provide the person with the required items and help them where they can. There is also a nursing home for the people who are in need of special attention since they might be having emotional or even physical conditions. The independent living is for the seniors who do not require any supervision and are housed on apartments near each other. There is also a senior housing which provides settling which is always comfortable with the use of single-family house known as the board and care.

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